Reasons for becoming a member of CORPP


I want to become a member of CORPP, because I want:

  • to support the scientifical research as a basis for further development of the osteopathic medicine;
  • to co-operate in the scientifical research of the osteopathic medicine;
  • to participate in the postgraduate courses and symposiums organized by CORPP;
  • to stay updatet about all important scientifical information concerning the osteopathic medicine;
  • to co-operate for a correct promotion of the osteopathic medicine within the public health services.


Membership Fee

The membership fee amounts to 50 €. You will be a member after receipt of your membership fee paid into the credit of the account of CORPP vzw. The payment of a new member effectuated during the last three months of a calendar year is considered as a membership fee for the next year.

Appeal to other organizations

Herewith we adress an appeal for cooperation to similar organizations within Europe. You can always contact us

General objectives

The Commission wants to convince every one who can get into touch with osteopathy, of the scientifical value of osteopathic medicine. Taking into account the specific character of the osteopathic principles, this Commission wants to develop scientifical projects finally leading up to scientifical publications concerning osteopathic medicine. By organizing postgraduate courses and symposiums, CORPP wants to bring the scientifical education within the osteopathic practice into the professional world. In this way the professional world can introduce ideas having to become the basis for new research projects. Finally the Commission also wants to promote osteopathic medicine, with all its possibilities and restrictions, and to do so correctly in the world of the public health services.